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17 Jan 2014
Quality Hunters On the hunt for better travel! Looking for the best practical ideas to make air travel smoother for you, me and everybody else.

Who’s coming to workshop 4? Meet our quality hunters!

Alex TextorAlex Textor: I am a travel writer and editor (and budding destination branding consultant) based in London. My current big project is a book about some places along the edges of Europe. I love little islands, good design, local culture, and salmon sandwiches.



Elyse-SingaporeElyse Pasquale is a food and travel writer who explores world cultures through the local cuisine. With a philosophy that food is living history, Elyse’s culinary journey has taken her to more than 60 countries. She has been profiled on CNN International, New York Daily News, The Daily Mail and AOL Travel. Her culinary adventures keep her in the air as much as she’s on the ground; she flies more than 100,000 miles each year. Elyse recently completed filming a food and travel web series and is currently writing her first book, “Off the Beaten Plate.” She resides in New York City and Tuscany, Italy.

Melissa MonacoMélissa Monaco: As a child, I was a little glue pot … especially with friends of my younger brother. Resenting having to drag a girl around during their games, the boys finally told me to “take a hike”. I decided to take them to their words and explore the undiscovered lands of my neighbourhood.
I am still searching for that “Elsewhere” and meanwhile, I realised I might as well share my adventures and dispensing my tips on my blog, Mel Loves Travels. I have a passion for cities, forgotten countries and overlooked destinations. I also am an omni-travelorous.

Pawel JakubowskiPawel Jakubowski: Aviation & travel enhusiats, amateur photographer. I’m 33 years old and come from Plock, Poland. For a few years I’ve had a webpage about aviation: and for about a year a blog about tourism & travel: With my friend I’m running a blog about exceptional people from around the world: I’m travelling a lot and I’m enjoying it!


Rod TanI am Rod Tan, A native of Manila, Philippines but currently living and working in Helsinki as a chef. My greatest interests are travel, food and aviation. I always find a reason to travel weather it be to eat KFC in Vilnius, meet friends in Frankfurt  or accompany someone and get lost in Luxembourg. I would often find myself more excited with the airport and airplane experience rather than the destination. As an Aviation enthusiast my passion for the industry is ever growing with every mile I travel, every plane I fly with, and every airport I step into.


Stephen DaenesSteven Daenens: I’m a 34 year old Belgian, who’s fortunate enough to have a job which requires me to travel a lot, often to more unusual locations. And whenever I’m not working I travel even more. I have a Singaporean partner, so I visit South East Asia a lot. Even though I like to travel in style, I also love absorbing myself in the local life. To spend the long hours on place more or less useful, I enjoy taking pics of my food and put them on my blog…


arjan1Arjan Tupan: About two years ago, I had the great fortune to be selected to be #QH8 in Quality Hunters Season 2. As a social media and innovation aficionado, I was keenly following the QH project, and it was an honour to join the seven Quality Hunters and find some improvement opportunities for Finnair and Helsinki Airport. Because I like to be on a winning team, and close to where the great action takes place, I kept following the Quality Hunters project, and now I’m fortunate to be part of this QH Workshop.
A bit more about me: I’m a curious Dutchman, living a nomadic life (after France and Latvia, I now reside in Germany). I like writing poetry, traveling and running; am an all-over-the-map blogger; am, as said above, an aficionado of social media and innovation, but also of great wines and good food. Oh, and I’m a dad. A very proud one.
The photo was taken during my Quality Hunters Season 2 trip to Hong Kong, on my way to see the big Buddha on Lantuau island.

  • Wojciech Lesniewski
    17 Jan 2014 at 3:24 pm

    Great team!!! Let me wish you all such a great time and so many brilliant ideas as we had in our workshop in May 2013 ! Good luck and have fun !!!

  • 17 Jan 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Go, Pawel! :)

  • 20 Jan 2014 at 10:54 pm

    What an awesome group!

    I know Elyse and Steven on twitter but it’s nice to “meet” the other awesome travelers & aviation enthusiasts

    Have a great time :)

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