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08 Dec 2011
Aalto Uni - Team Reflections

Ever had those Quality Hunter eyes?

This guest blog is part of team Reflections’ course work at Aalto University School of Economics ( After learning in theory the ways how modern organizations utilize ICT in their business, the teams deepen their knowledge in practice by researching the factors that motivate customers to participate in companies’ online communication and crowdsourcing efforts.


As if Quality Hunters Season 1 would have contained the first and only true testers of flying quality. Quite the contrary—in case you’ve ever flown you are likely to know more than the crew!

How could you know better than the crew itself? The explanation is simple: the staff is influenced by the infamous Curse of Knowledge, the flipside of adapting to any new role. Right from the point of being hired, the flying personnel starts learning about airline operation and, at the same rapid pace, forgetting about what it was like to be on the customer’s side of the seat row. Of course, no professional would just suddenly turn as insensitive as a block of wood. Yet, with the perspective of a customer giving way to a service provider view, the staff cannot possibly catch all the details in need of improvement. This leads us back to your role.

You do look at air traveling through the customer’s angle. God forbid, maybe you have even encountered shortcomings that you, in your mind, might have registered as too trivial for the crew to put right. What if it wasn’t so? What if the airline or airport just never saw the forest from the trees? What if all you would have needed to do is to have submitted a request for another course of action? After all, this is what the Quality Hunters initiative stands for in essence—to re-educate your flight organizers about what matters to their customers.

The Quality Hunters initiative is about handing the power back to the one ultimately in control of an airline’s and airport’s very existence. The power lies with you, the customer.

So, how much of a Quality Hunter mentality do you display? Can you find anything that you would have liked to change with your flying experience, were it down to you to make it happen? Is there a trade-off involved to sacrifice a less important function yet enable something bigger and better in its stead? Take a moment to think it through. It is your voice that counts.


P.S. No need to content yourself to lonely contemplation. Have a look at the ideas and comment on them – you might just add that pinch of insight that cooks up a truly perfect idea!

P.S. #2 To see how the whole initiative takes effect, Aalto University has opened a survey. Show what you know of Quality Hunters and WIN a gift card at


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